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Quilts with a Home


A high schooler, Holly, received this "Hugs & Kisses" quilt after she experienced an intruder in her home.  She received her quilt and was truly thankful for the prayers lifted to God for her.
She soon was able to be alone without fear.  

This "Hugs & Kisses" quilt not only comforted Ronna during her struggle with cancer, but it gave her the strength to help others even in her own time of great need.
When she found out she had terminal cancer, she couldn't sleep through the night anymore. She was so understandably anxious that she was constantly awakened from her slumber.
After recieving the prayer quilt, when she woke up, she would touch the knots in the quilt and pray for the volunteers who made her quilt & lifted her in prayer.
She became a vigilant prayer warrior for God!
 Myrna received her quilt during her time of morning after her husband passed away.  The feeling of love and thoughtfulness that she has experienced through the prayer quilt will now be something that she can carry with her as a reminder of God's everlasting love
for her in the future!  God is truly good!